TIGS - T-TYPE Image Guide Scope

Features :

  1. Flexible Cables for Easy operation and inspects hard-to-reach areas.
  2. Equipped with Illumination lamp for clear viewing. 
  3. Cable Diameter: 4, 6, 8mm. 
  4. Length: 18, 36 inch (standard). Length can be made according to customer's demand. 
  5. 35, 45, 60 degree mirror and UV endoscope, scope magnet are available for chosen.

Product list


The flexible fiber optic cable make the endoscope can be bent repeatedly to a radius of 8 inch without damages. The coherent bund of fibers transfers high quality images from the fixed objects, and when activated, light from source in the handle pass through the cable and guide down to the tip of scope to illuminate the viewing area.

Automotive, Aircraft, Marine, Locksmiths, Electricians, Law Enforcement, Mechanics, Home Owners, Exterminator... 

Specification : 
Image transfer Material: Flexible Cable
Number of Pixels: 7400
Type of bulb: Xenon bulb
Life of bulb: 15 hours at least.
Field of View : 40°degree ( without mirror ); 40°~ 90°(with 45°mirror )
Optimal Viewing Distance ( minimum ) : 3 mm
Optimal Viewing Distance ( maximum ) : Dependent upon ambient lighting condition.
Battery needed: 2 x ''CR123A'' batteries.
Model : 
TIGS-818: 8mm (diameter) x 18 inch (length)
TIGS-836: 8mm (diameter) x 36 inch (length)
TIGS-618: 6mm (diameter) x 18 inch (length)
TIGS-636: 6mm (diameter) x 36 inch (length)
TIGS-418: 4mm (diameter) x 18 inch (length)
TIGS-436: 4mm (diameter) x 36 inch (length)

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